Must have laptop accessories

Must have laptop accessories

Must have laptop accessories – Call me nuts if you will. But the most useful one I’ve found is the one most people don’t use because the laptop has the functions already built in.

Whether you use your laptop for work — like us — or for play, investing in laptop accessories will help you get the most out of your computer and get your job done more efficiently. We want to help you find all the best, most useful accessories out there — Must have laptop accessories-especially since Amazon is flooded with thousands of products that can oftentimes look the same.

That’s why for this guide, we’ve researched, compared, and tested several laptop accessories to find the best for every lifestyle and budget. From convenient charges that top off your laptop’s battery to some webcams that help ensure you’re always in frame and will look your best — you’re sure to find an accessory that’ll make life with your laptop a little better.

Must have laptop accessories – Check out our recommended laptop accessories that are guaranteed to improve your workflow. Don’t worry — they’re all compatible with both Mac and PCs!

Laptop stand – Extremely light and very easy to use

Ergonomic Aluminum Computer Stand

Multipurpose Foldable Laptop Table

Laptop sleeve- Must have laptop accessories

Mouse Pad

Laptop cleaning kit

Wireless mouse- Must have laptop accessories

Pen drive- Must have laptop accessories

I used to play a ton of games on mine mostly. So it took awhile for it to dawn on me that my touchpad was royally messing with me. I’d be writing answers or comments online, and suddenly be out of the writing field completely. My cursor just vanished.

Well my hand was brushing on the touchpad’s scroll area.

But like I said, mostly I just played games. Keeping up my online presence otherwise was something I usually did in the morning on my desktop pc. So the stray touch issue was set aside each time, until finally it frustrated me one time too much, and I found a way to disable the pad.

I replaced it with an external mouse. But the mouse came with a keyboard, and a day came when I stopped frequenting coffee houses, thanks mainly to Starbuck’s withdrawing support for things like power outlets. They were discouraging extended visiting, so I stopped coming by altogether. Screw you, SB- Must have laptop accessories.

Well now the keyboard/mouse setup lets me use the laptop in the living room with the projector to watch shows, and the lid is always shut. I keep it closed so it never gets dirty. The laptop itself is so old that the screen no longer displays color properly, but I only noticed it just recently because until I found it necessary to reload Windows, just never used the laptop by itself. The projector works just fine.

So yeah. It’s great having external keyboard and mouse. Although maybe the external monitor might rate better in its way. After all, that would be the projector in my case. 90″ screen.

Gotta love it.


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