Things to buy before going to hostel

Things to buy before going to hostel image

Things to buy before going to hostel – Going to hostel is considered to be one of the major events in the life of any student. No matter whether you are an engineering student, medical student, commerce student or you belong to an arts background, these items are must for your future hostel life. So below are some very important things to buy before going to hostel-

Extension Board-

Things to buy before going to hostel image

A must have thing for any hosteler! If you are going to hostel without an extension board then you are probably committing a very big mistake. Whether you have to connect your laptop or mobile charger, extension board is the most important gadget required for your hostel life. (Buy Now CLICK HERE)

Over the ear headphones-

Headphones image

During your hostel life never ever try to wear those inside ear earphones because wearing them for more than half an hour may cause ear problems. Hence go for an over the ear headphones which will help you in your online classes and won’t cause any ear damage. (Buy Now CLICK HERE)

Study lamp-

Lamp image

If you want to study in a focused way then a personal study lamp is a must buy gadget. It will not only help you in focusing but also help you in studying when your roommate is sleeping but you want to study. (Buy Now CLICK HERE)

Motivational posters-

Things to buy before going to hostel image

Now this depends on person to person but it’s generally seen that people surrounded with good thoughts inculcate good habits and that’s exactly what these motivational posters do. So if possible you must carry these with yourself. (Buy Now CLICK HERE)

Electric kettle-

Kettle image

Electric kettle is the most all-purpose thing in the list of things to buy before going to hostel. An electric kettle will help you in making various types of tea like green tea, etc. and can also fetch your mid-night craving by helping you in making a quick food. (Buy Now CLICK HERE)

Table clock-

Things to buy before going to hostel image

Time is the most important factor for any hosteler, the more you waste it the harsher will be the effects. So, to keep up with your schedule, it’s highly recommended to have a small table clock which can help you in maintaining your time-table. (Buy Now CLICK HERE)

Food storing Containers-

Things to buy before going to hostel image

Whether you want to store the sweets sent by your mother or some almonds, these food storing containers will be the most handy solutions for these types of problems specially in hostel where everything is a mess! (Buy Now CLICK HERE)

Beard Trimmer-

Trimmer image

You don’t want to always visit a salon when you are in hostel ! Hence a beard trimmer which will serve your purpose of grooming is a must purchase item. (Buy Now Click Here)

Cloth Drying Rope

Things to buy before going to hostel image

You don’t want to keep searching for a place to dry your clothes, hence a rope will be very handy solution. Also it has many other useful uses.


The Purple Tree Round Handle 2 Fold Umbrella - (Black), Sun Umbrella, Rain Umbrella

In big campus universities you need to walk a lot! And hence an umbrella is a must have for any student of these universities.

Two Locks


Now having a key and a lock is a good thing, it will protect your precious items. It’s important to have two locks – one for your hostel room and other for your Almirah that will be provided to you in the hostel.

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