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CUET PG OTP issue – The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) for postgraduate packages is a crucial step for college kids intending to pursue higher training in numerous disciplines. However, a recent and regarding problem has surfaced, causing misery amongst college students attempting to sign up for CUET PG—the OTP (One-Time Password) hassle. This trouble revolves round college students no longer receiving the OTP on their cell devices all through the registration method, leading to tension and uncertainty about successfully finishing their packages. In this text, we can delve into the details of the CUET PG OTP difficulty, its feasible reasons, and provide guidance on how college students can navigate via this undertaking.

Understanding the CUET PG OTP Issue:

The CUET PG OTP difficulty has emerged as a significant hurdle for students keen to cozy admission to postgraduate packages across universities. The OTP serves as a crucial authentication step during the registration method, making sure the safety and legitimacy of the applicant’s details. However, numerous college students have mentioned no longer receiving the OTP on their registered mobile numbers, growing a wave of issue and frustration.

Possible Causes of the OTP Issue:

Technical Glitches:
Technical system faults within the CUET registration device will be a number one purpose for the OTP no longer achieving students’ mobile devices. Issues related to server masses, gadget malfunctions, or connectivity troubles would possibly make contributions to the disruption in the OTP transport technique.

Mobile Network Issues:
Another capacity motive will be related to the cell network itself. Delays or disasters in SMS shipping would possibly arise because of community congestion, terrible signal electricity, or troubles with the cellular carrier issuer.

Incorrect Mobile Number Entry:
Human error in coming into the mobile variety all through the registration system can also lead to the non-receipt of OTP. It’s essential for candidates to double-check and make sure the accuracy of the furnished cellular variety to keep away from any discrepancies.

SPAM Filters:
In a few instances, the OTP message is probably filtered as unsolicited mail by way of cell gadgets. This can bring about the message being redirected to the spam folder, inflicting college students to overlook its arrival.

Solution to the CUET PG OTP Issue:

Here are some of the solutions CUET PG OTP issue that actually work-

  1. Leave the website as it is and do not close the window, as many students received the OTP within 60 minutes, the only task is to keep refreshing it in every 15 minutes to restart the timer.
  2. While generating the OTP if your timer has passed 15 minutes, then resend the OTP and wait for 15 minutes, and refresh the page, do not keep resending the OTP again and again as you might exhaust the limit.
  3. Always use a laptop for registration, and once you realize that OTP is not coming, do not close the web page, and wait for the OTP, refresh the page before the timer becomes zero, and the timer will start again from 15 minutes. According to students their OTP came in one or two hours, and when they entered like this , their registration was compelte.

Immediate Contact with CUET Support:
Students facing the OTP problem must right now contact the CUET aid group. Universities conducting the CUET are ready with dedicated help offerings to assist applicants. Communicating the trouble right away can initiate a quick resolution technique.

Double-Check Mobile Number:
Applicants should carefully double-check the mobile wide variety entered at some stage in the registration procedure. Ensuring the accuracy of this information can significantly reduce the probability of OTP shipping issues.

Alternative Contact Information:
CUET candidates can offer opportunity contact records, which includes an e mail address, to acquire critical updates and communications. This serves as a precautionary degree in case the OTP trouble persists.

Network Troubleshooting:
In instances in which cell community issues are suspected, applicants can try troubleshooting their community connection. This might also involve switching to a unique network, restarting the cell tool, or contacting their mobile service issuer for help.

Check SPAM Folder:
To avoid overlooking the OTP message, applicants must frequently test their SPAM or junk folders. Sometimes, the message can be filtered out routinely, and manual retrieval can be important.

Patience and Persistence:
Given the technical nature of those issues, it is critical for college students to exercising endurance and persistence. Continuous tries to sign in and well timed communique with the CUET aid group can make a contribution to a smoother resolution technique.


The CUET PG OTP trouble is undoubtedly a cause for challenge among aspirants striving for postgraduate training. However, with proactive verbal exchange, cautious verification of info, and perseverance, students can overcome this venture. This article ambitions to function a complete guide, imparting insights into the viable reasons of the OTP difficulty and realistic answers to cope with it. By following the furnished recommendations and accomplishing out to CUET aid, college students can navigate thru the registration technique efficiently, ensuring a smoother direction closer to their instructional aspirations.


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