Full story of Rabbit and Tortoise

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Full story of Rabbit and Tortoise – You all must have read the famous rabbit and tortoise story. But have you read the full story of rabbit and tortoise, I bet you haven’t. So read this full unheard story of Rabbit and tortoise story and share it with your friends & family!

The first race-

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Once upon a time, Rabbit and tortoise decided to organise a race between themselves. Rabbit as usual was very confident on his victory because of his biological benefits. Tortoise agreed and race eventually happened. Rabbit due to his overconfident nature slept in between the race under  a tree. Tortoise on the other hand kept going on and on and due to his consistency he won the race. Rabbit  felt ashamed and went home after congratulating the tortoise.

The second race-

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Rabbit after feeling ashamed decided that he will take a revenge because he realised that he is a better animal and he has all the capabilities of the world to win the race. Rabbit invited the tortoise again for the same race after 5 days. Tortoise agreed and came to the said spot after 5 days for the race.

Race happened and without a doubt, Rabbit did justice with his talent after realising his mistake and won the race. Tortoise was so behind him  that he reached after 2 Hours. Rabbit laughed and explained tortoise why he is a better animal. Both went home after the race.

The Third race-

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Tortoise after realising that Rabbit is too much immersed in his small victory decided to hold the third and the last race. Tortoise asked Rabbit to have a third race at a different spot and Rabbit agreed. Race happened after 5 days.

Both started the race. But to the surprise of Rabbit the new path also had a river to cross, which he did not knew. He waited for a long time because he had never practised to swim in the last 5 days. After sometime tortoise came, he crossed the river and reached the finish line and rabbit kept watching. Rabbit understood that he was wrong and congratulated tortoise for his victory.

Moral of this full story-

Full story of Rabbit and Tortoise image

We have skills, but we become overconfident about them and hence fail for the first time. When we realise for the second time and conquer a small victory then we forget to evaluate ourselves and hence become lazy.

When the real test comes, we never practise and rehearse for it and hence fail in fighting the obstacles of life. We become immersed in our past achievements and forget about the present difficulties, and hence we fail to understand the very motto of being a human being.

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