How to crack CUET in 30 Days

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How to crack CUET in 30 Days – CUET is the biggest central university entrance exam of India and second biggest entrance exam of India given by over Millions of Students across country. Definitely there exist some excellent techniques to crack this big exam in less amount of time. Here we are giving you step by step procedure on how to crack CUET in 30 days

Confidence and Patience-

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These two are the most important factors that can affect your CUET journey. There are so many students who are capable enough to crack CUET but they ‘give up’ just because they don’t have enough patience and confidence. So always remember- ‘Good things Take time’.

Start with Chemistry-

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No matter what, complete the NCERT of Chemistry (Class 11&12 both). 100% of questions in CUET  Chemistry will be based on NCERT and you can solve them under 20 minutes if you have studied NCERT well. So start giving 2 Hours each to Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry daily. Make short and crisp notes and revise them weekly.

Practice Maths from Previous Year question Bank-

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Maths is all about practice and knowing some good tips & tricks. We have the sample papers and question bank of CUET on our website here for free (), check this out to practice Maths.

Physics is all about concept-

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Try to sharpen your concepts in Physics in last 30 Days because if you are good at concepts then you will surely be good at solving questions. Focus on NCERT theory as questions will not be very difficult.

Mock Tests (Most important part in How to crack CUET in 30 Days)-

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Try giving at least three mock tests every week. We have got special coupon code (use coupon code CSD ) for our readers at {Apply our coupon code ”CSD” to get 10% off on test series for all CUET papers just at rupees 360/- for one year} Link – Offer_for_engghub_Readers (CLICK HERE) .

Take good care of your health (Most ignored part in How to crack CUET in 30 Days)-

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Remember if you will be healthy then only you can give your 100% in the examinations. So eat well, sleep well and do a good amount of hard work to overcome this phase of your life.


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