Best Books for BEE And Semiconductor Physics

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Best Books for BEE And Semiconductor Physics – Basic Electrical Engineering and Semiconductor Physics are two very important courses taught in the first year of engineering in India. It’s very important to choose the correct set of books to understand these subjects well because they play a huge role in our upcoming career. Given below is the list of most important books for BEE and semiconductor physics that will help my engineering friends in their engineering journey.

Basic Electrical Engineering –

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Though there are several books for basic electrical engineering which you can look upto but here are two of them which will help you the most-

Basic Electrical Engineering By DP Kothari

It’s by far the most popular book of Basic Electrical Engineering available. It has crisp and to the point content. BUY NOW (Click Here)

Basic Electrical Engineering By VK Mehta

It’s also a very popular choice by engineering candidates. It has good number of examples and detailed overview. BUY NOW (Click Here)

Semiconductor Physics (Best Books for BEE And Semiconductor Physics)-

Best Books for BEE And Semiconductor Physics image

Semiconductor Physics is a lot about knowing details related to Quantum Mechanics and Solid State Physics. So it is highly recommended to have knowledge of quantum mechanics and solid state physics before doing a deep study of semiconductor Physics. Here are set of three books required for studying semiconductor physics-

Semiconductor Devices By Simon Sze-

This is internationally recognized and one of the most popular books written on semiconductor physics. Writing style of this book is very interesting and contains a lot of illustrations. BUY NOW (Click Here).

Quantum Mechanics By Griffiths-

Unconditionally best book to study Quantum Mechanics. It has all you want from quantum mechanics topic. BUY NOW (Click Here)

Solid State Physics By Kittel-

It is the most famous book in the field of Solid state Physics and knowledge of solid state physics is extremely necessary for studying semiconductor physics. BUY NOW (Click Here)


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