Cluster Innovation Centre Review

Cluster innovation centre review

Cluster Innovation Centre reviewIs CIC DU good? Is Cluster innovation centre good? Cluster Innovation Centre under Delhi University is one of the most prestigious engineering colleges that you can take entry via CUET (CUET website for registration in the Btech course of Information technology and computers science stream. In this Cluster Innovation Centre review / CIC review we will see CIC DU in detail.


Cluster innovation centre review

Cluster Innovation Centre under the Delhi university is situated in the north campus of the Delhi university. It is located in one of the most competitive areas of our country where millions of dreams become reality. It has an ambient environment for study and it also has every bit of feel that the national capital of India can deliver.

Coding culture and GSOC selections-

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Given that there are less than 100 Btech students in every semester of CIC, it has developed a great coding culture for it’s students. Number of GSOC selections from CIC DU are more than five per year and it’s one of the best in the region. GSOC is Google Summer of Code competition that happens every year for the Developers and programmers across the world. Though selection rate is low, CIC has performed extremely well in this field.

Fees ( Cluster Innovation Centre review )-

Fees is one of the most distinguishing fields of this University. CIC has fees of approximately Rs. 6,000 per semester which comes out to be 12,000 rupees for twelve months which is even cheaper than your school fees. Majority of expenditures in Delhi University are being funded by the Central Government and hence students can study without worry about the capital.

Professors and facilities-

CIC DU has got several good professors who are experienced in their respective fields. All major facilities are available inside the college, and as CIC provides only Btech in Information Technology so it doesn’t need any extra chemistry and Physics lab.

Sports facilities-

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CIC DU has an stadium adjacent to it’s building which is open for all the DU students including CIC. Other than the stadium CIC doesn’t have it’s own sports complex, playing hall and sports facilities. Hence CIC DU lacks in the sporting area. But students can anytime use the sports facilities that come under the Delhi university and are open for all.

Placements ( Cluster Innovation Centre review )-

As there are very less number of students in CIC DU so it has never been able to attract recruiters for hiring students though being in the centre of the national capital due to very less number of students and availability of a good placement cell. All good placements in CIC happen via the off-campus placement facility. Many students have been able to get a good average CTC of more than 15 Lakh per annum due to the study environment of DU CIC. So placement in CIC DU will depend on your hard work and consistency, and looking at the history of CIC you can definitely get a good placement.

Hostel facility ( Cluster Innovation Centre review )-

Cluster innovation centre review

The biggest issue with CIC DU is that it doesn’t have its own hostel facility. And this comes up as a challenge for many students especially male candidates as female candidates have a very high chance of getting hostel in some other DU Girls hostel facility near CIC. Majority of CIC students live in PGs (Paying guests) whose charges in Delhi vary from 8,000-15,000 rupees depending on the number of roommates you have in your room.

Subjects to be chosen for CIC Delhi Btech-

Mathematics is most important for admission in CIC DU. Students need to choose Maths, English, Physics and Chemistry along with General Test for admission in CIC. Aspirants are highly advised to score more than 90% marks in Maths section of CUET as admissions in CIC is very difficult as total number of seats are less than 100 (approximately 60 to be precise). In the past CIC has given very high preference to students with higher Mathematics score and many students are unaware of this fact.

Advantage of being in CIC ( Cluster Innovation Centre review ) –

Cluster innovation centre review

The last point that all students have to remember is that CIC is in the centre of Delhi and being in the capital of our country it has several advantages associated for it’s students like higher chances of getting off-campus placements due to high number of companies established in Delhi region, interaction with many talented people around you as it’s in North campus of Delhi University and exposure to the world of ever growing innovation as CIC has always focused on it’s research aims.

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