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Best youtube channels for JEE – JEE or commonly known as Joint entrance exam is one of the most competitive exams of India at 10+2 level. It has approximately 90 chapters that need to be covered by the candidates to get good marks. In this search many often look for the best youtube channels for JEE.

YouTube can really help you in getting good marks for JEE and strengthen your concepts. Before discussing Best Youtube channels for JEE let us look at some of the key benefits of studying from YouTube-

-Free of cost and hence students friendly

-Crisp and short and hence time saving

-Everything available at one place and hence less confusion

-Quality content from good teachers

Best YouTube Channels for JEE-

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For Maths you can prefer two channels depending on your requirement. If you want fast crash course with quality then prefer MATHONGO channel (Link ) for JEE Maths crash course by ANUP SIR. And if you want in depth detailed knowledge and want to cover beery topic in detail then go to MOHIT TYAGI sir YouTube channel for great depth (Link https://youtube.linkI ).

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There exists one and only one physics channel for JEE that is considered the best by all the aspirants and that channel is owned by ASHISH ARORA SIR by the name PHYSICS GALAXY (Link https://youtube.linkE). Ashish sir has equipped his channel with everything from in depth videos to top quality free of cost physics crash courses.

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Before jumping into YouTube channels you must focus on chemistry NCERT for JEE because that is very important from examination point of view. Now talking about channels there are a lot of them but some of the good ones are Etoos India (Link https://youtube.linkM), ATP (Link https://youtube.linkE ), Vedantu Chemistry (Link https://youtube.linkY ) & many more.

All the best.

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